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A Tarot Reading or Counselling process is the opinion of one person based on his or her training and experience in their specific fields. Another psychic’s opinion on any point might differ. The advice you are given should not be used as a replacement for suggestions, treatment or advice that you is usually offered by professionals such as a psychiatrist, financial advisor, doctor or lawyer.

Barkat Ali Khan makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy or significance of any aspect of the Counselling & Healing process and cannot be held responsible for youruse or interpretation of the process.

Recommendation for Healing remedies such as Crystals, magnets, yantras etc. are often prescribed by our Counsellor, after diligent study of client’s face reading & voice vibration and with due exercise of his prudence and judgement. Every advice givencomes with a prescribed procedure and method.We expect the member to observe due diligence in following this advice. Barkat Ali Khan is not responsible for any claims for negative functioning of any prescription of Healing remedy made by our Counsellor or Healer.

The Barkat Ali Khan makes best efforts to energize the Healing remedies as per strict Vedic prescribed in ancient Vedic scriptures. When Barkat Ali Khan conducts a Healing process on behalf of its customer, he tries to adhere to strict Vedic rituals as possible in today’s time.

The efficacy of any kind of remedy recommendation (Crystals, magnets, yantras etc. or facilitating the same) will strictly depend on the faith and devotion of the customer and his belief and intent. The Barkat Ali Khan advises his client that they should only use the recommended remedies when he has faith, true devotion and not out of any greed, fear or lust or any other negative feelings. The Barkat Ali Khan does not offer any guaranteed results in the life of the customer for the recommendation of the remedies.

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No service(s) rendered by the Barkat Ali Khan shall be used as a substitute for health care treatment, programs or advice normally received from doctors, lawyers, financial advisors or any such professionals. Barkat Ali Khan does not make any warranties or representations concerning any specific results or effects that you will receive from the yagyas/pujas that our Counsellors performs on your behalf. The crystal healing and positive energy therapies can help to erase negative karma and help co-create positive karma for the future. While they work by the invocation of divine power, it is equally important that you make efforts to fully follow the given instructions with complete faith and continue your prayers as before.

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Refund Policy

While we make all efforts that our advice yields results, we will not refund or adjust the monies paid you against availing our advice, services, therapies or products. All payments made by you are NON-REFUNDABLE under any or all circumstances. Any request or claim for refunding all monies paid by you, either partially or fully, will not be entertained. By entering and using this website, and availing our advice, services, therapies or products, you unconditionally and completely understand, agree and accept this NO REFUND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES policy, and duly agree to abide by it.